Family Portrait/Children Portrait Memories
Capture memories that will really grow on you. The seasons of your family are fleeting...from the birth of your first child to the birth of the first grandchild. We can't hold on to our children forever, but we can preserve the memories of each stage of family life with a photographic portrait by J. Barry Morrison. Make the most of today by capturing memories while they grow.

Family/Children Outdoor Environmental Portraits

The Houston area is blessed with approximately nine months of good outdoor weather per year. Spring, Summer, and Fall are all great for outdoor family portraits. Spring time offers the first bright green colors of the year and of course Texas wildflowers are in bloom. Impressionistic as well as traditional wildflower portraits are in great demand (the blooming season is limited in duration so please schedule this well ahead). The summer months offer beautiful lighting in the morning and late afternoon. In the Fall, muted earth tones are prevelant. In a good year, the foliage can be breathtakingly colorful. Even in winter the wheat colors of native natural grasses can be very appealing for environmental portrait photography. Because of the abundance of evergreen trees in the Houston area, we can usually find at least a little greenery year round.

Family/Children Portraits on Location
Many of Barry's customers enjoy being photographed at their home, lake house, beach, etc. Often the most memorable and rewarding portraits are made of the family in a location where they just enjoy being together.

Portraits in the Studio

Regardless of weather or season, J. Barry Morrison Photography Studio in "Old Town Spring" is open year round for scheduling portrait sessions of your family, high school or college seniors, children, brides, name it.

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